Eicore Technologies: Delivering One Stop Solution for Insurance Companies

CIO Vendor India’s insurance sector is still at its nascent stage in regards to adoption of digital technology. But, the necessity to become more adaptive to the current market state means the use of new-age technologies. This will considerably increase the adoption rate with plenty of opportunities to grow in the coming future. However, companies expect their solution partners to be agile and flexible with indepth understanding of their business and domain, so as to aid them to roll out products quickly and go to market before their competition. Clearly understanding the current state of the sector with over three decades of experience, Eicore Technologies is uniquely positioned as a One Stop Shop to address the dynamic and comprehensive needs of the insurance sector. They have a flexible approach which enables them to provide customized solutions and delivery models which serve the best interest of their customers. Also, with an architecture and design philosophy, all Eicore products are highly configurable from the frontend, allowing the customer’s business teams to themselves configure their new products, and thereby quickly go to market.

“Our background in TPA business and deep understanding of insurance industry has helped us come up with several unique products that address and resolve the pain areas across the Industry spectrum,” says Rishi Kapoor, CEO at Eicore. “We provide comprehensive offerings across all insurance lines of businesses (LOBs) i.e. Life, General and Health Insurance, along with their ecosystem partners like TPAs and Hospitals.”

HealthBuzz : Eicore Flagship End-to-end Health Insurance Business Management System
Eicore has specifically developed HealthBuzz Insurance software to cater to the unique business requirements of health insurance companies. It delivers the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution to public and private health insurance companies. The Service Oriented Architecture of the solution ensures that the insurer has access to the most flexible, scalable and customizable system. Furthermore, this solution comes with the mobility support on iOS, Android, and other mobile/tablet operating
systems, enabling customer education as customers are kept in the loop throughout with access to real time information. Accessibility to such real time information also gives employees, agents and brokers the ability to perform business actions anywhere, remotely, through their mobiles/smartphones, ensuring customer loyalty, optimize collaboration with prospects; all the while increasing sales and overall return on investment. This health insurance application is engineered to address any aspects of the business Retail Insurance, or Group Insurance.

Our background in TPA business and deep understanding of insurance industry has helped us come up with several unique products that address and resolve the pain areas across the Industry

I Buzz :A Robust Life and General Insurance System
i Buzz, a comprehensive and robust Life and General Insurance system is completely table driven as far as configuration is concerned, intuitive and user-friendly. Empowering insurance companies from lowering operational costs, improving standardization, enhancing customer experience to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and laws, Eicore enables organizations to achieve higher growth in revenue and greater return on investment.

One of their latest offering which will be a game-changer for the insurance industry and the provider ecosystem is MEDI-X, an API based switch that enables network Insurers/ TPAs to receive Pre-Authorization, Enhancement and Bills Information electronically in real-time from network Hospitals (HIS). It is aimed at automating the workflows to bring much required efficiency & customer delight around the claim management process.

“In India, we are proud to be associated with marquee brands like Future Generali, Cigna, Aditya Birla Health, Edelweiss Tokio Life, Max Bupa Health, Liberty General & Health India to name a few and on the global front, AXA across APAC, AusinSolz Health Insurer in Mauritius & Manzil Hospitals in Dubai,” concludes Rishi Kapoor.